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VIMA Realty Edmonton

About VIMA Realty Edmonton

It is apparent the real estate industry is being disrupted. New technologies and online brokerages are evolving and the changes they make will impact current businesses. To remain relevant and competitive, brokerages are adopting alternative ways of transacting real estate. Many have come up with new strategies to overcome the gaps and barriers that may impede their success, and VIMA Realty is no exception. VIMA is a start-up brokerage that is seizing the opportunity to not only adopt new technology but to also fundamentally revamp the agent/brokerage relationship in order to heighten its primary goal of improving customer service and ultimately, the overall home buying/selling experience. Unlike many traditional brokerages, VIMA Realty aims to put its agents first, professionally and financially, so that they are inspired and empowered to deliver the highest service to their customers.

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